MAR 2014




We are pleased to inform you about new COCKPIT version 4.5 of our products, Secure Browsing and Application Delivery. This version contains new and powerful features that can significantly improve IT infrastructure management and monitoring.
Please click here to view a PDF version of the Release Notes.


The main new features and highlights of the new version

Admin Console Has Been Upgraded


  • New alerts have been added to the alerts list. The alerts can be ranked by their importance, sent by email as well as to be displayed in Windows event viewer.
  • Disk Usage parameters have been added to the Central System Manager.
  • Ability to limit the content size of Jetro Clipboard has been added.
  • Multi Farms Management server has been added allowing to connect to several server farms and manage them all via one Admin Console.
  • An ability to detach the Central System Manager and to run it as a separate application.
  • An ability to compare hosts’ Registry parameters and Applications has been added.


Secure Browsing:

  • Native Clipboard is now enabled in local sites.
  • Security enhancement features were implemented, including

   - Canceling file transfer via RDP virtual channels and allowing to transfer only files of PDF format that         match the security criteria.
   - Providing the ability to scan the file with corporative AV launched command line.
   - Providing the ability to set the print job to be delivered directly to user’s organizational email.


Application Delivery:

  • The Dashboard and the CUC modes were separated.
  • Published applications can now be organized in groups in Administration Console.


COCKPIT 4.5 Complete Release Notes
Secure Browsing 4.5 new features detailed description
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