JAN 2013




Jetro, a pioneering Israeli technology company for over 50 years. Jetro enjoys a growing market segment in one of the leading computing fields in the world: server-based computing, in which all installations, authorizations, printing management, security, etc., are located on a centralized secure server for the entire organization.


In the field of information security, the company lives up to its stellar reputation with its patent-protected solution, which grants organizations the most efficient solution to increasing internet risks. The solution has attracted a great deal of international attention, after large governmental organizations in Israel including the Bank of Israel and Israel Electric Company, and financial giants like Visa CAL, adopted the company’s flagship product: Jetro COCKPIT4, after comparing the product with its competitors.


Jetro’s patented security solutions is based on the complete separation between the organizational network and the internet. This is done by transferring the user automatically and transparently from the personal computer to a virtual web browsing server every time the user enters external sites. Rather than filtering the internet information, Cockpit simply leaves it external to the server and automatically transfers a virtual copy of the original content into the network.


This solution allows for complete security, and solves the regulation demands of many sectors such as insurance, finances and government.
“Cockpit supplies organizations with an operative and infrastructural advantage over all other computing configurations,” explains CEO Nurit Horwitz, “and therefore more and more organizations are working on centralized computing configurations using Cockpit as the foundation.”


Jetro’s  Chief Marketing Officer, Eran kaplan,  explains the excitement surrounding the Cockpit program: “It constitutes an international breakthrough in the field of operational efficiency (survivability, operations, cost-benefit ratios), and information security.”
International Success More and more IT managers are choosing Jetro over the competition. “Cockpit’s program is more innovative than that of the computing mega-company Citrix,” Horwitz explains. “Contrary to Citrix, Cockpit is built using a dual-layer architecture, and therefore the burden on the servers is small, and they are freed to manage the resources at a higher level.” The advantage of Jetro’s approach was proven when PC Magazine compared Cockpit with Citrix and found that Cockpit performed better on identical hardware.

The superiority of the Jetro program was also recently recognized by international research companies, such as IDT. In the Israeli market, the company operates with a number of partners (NessPro, Ankor and others), and has over 200 local companies from a wide array of fields, including most of Israel’s insurance companies, banks, Telcom, the army, government, security, healthcare, hospitals, commercial franchises, high-tech, tourism and more. Jetro is used in 18 countries, from the Far East to Europe to South America, via hundreds of business partners.