JUN 2012

Jetro platforms had participated in the 12th infosec conference in israel


The INFOSEC Conference is the largest international security conference in Israel and will take place at David Intercontinental Hotel on June 24.


The conference will address the biggest question: How to protect your business from Cyber-attacks. Main speakers at the conference will be Jonathan Martin from HP’s enterprise security and Henk van der Heyden Group CA’s security solutions, that will explain how to deal with various issues in the security sector institutions such as protecting financial institutions, Mobile applications attacks, The new goals of cyber-attacks, The black market that works in the background and more.


New technologies and solutions will be presented during the main conference and the professional tracks. Jetro Platforms has presented the COCKPIT4i – the most comprehensive solution for Secure Browsing. Jetro’s COCKPIT4i is the world’s first server side virtual browser that browses the web from the DMZ outside the corporate network. While all other conventional secure web browsing solutions focus on trying to screen content and prevent it from penetrating the corporate network, the Jetro solution takes a more effective approach.


Preventing any active internet files from entering the network, COCKPIT4i allows users to view a completely harmless video virtualization of their requested website content. This is how Jetro’s COCKPIT4i helps achieve 100% Secure Web Browsing. For more information:http://jetroplatforms.com/products/cockpit4i-secure-browsing/


About Jetro Platforms


Jetro Platforms Ltd. is a leading server-based application delivery and virtualization solutions vendor. Jetro’s advanced software enables corporations to benefit from a centralized, secure delivery of applications across the entire organization. Through its leading COCKPIT® and COCKPIT4i™ product lines, Jetro has established itself at the forefront of the IT industry, serving customers in the Server Based Computing (SBC) and Network Security markets. Jetro Platforms Ltd. is fully owned by the Omnitech group, one of the leading Israeli technology groups since 1963. Jetro Platforms has distributors in 15 countries and serves hundreds of thousands of users across all industries.