JAN 2016




We are pleased to announce the launch of a new version of our products, COCKPIT5 Application Delivery and COKPIT5i Secure Browsing. This is a major version release with new features, improvements, and adjustments to the latest technological movements. This version can significantly improve the IT infrastructure management and monitoring, as well as save costs.


Main Features highlight 


COCKPIT5 Application Delivery

  • Support for Android Client
  • Support for Two Factor Authentication
  • Improved end-user experience, including smart Log-off mechanism
  • Enhanced monitoring features in Admin Console
  • Optimized printing mechanism
  • And more…

COCKPIT5i Secure Browsing

  • Support for Pre-Connected session for immediate browsing
  • Fast switching between remote and local sites
  • Enhanced security capability
  • Improved User Experience in Internet Explorer & Chrome
  • Support for advanced printing capabilities
  • And more…


For download

Release Notes for COCKPIT5 Application Delivery

Release Notes for COCKPIT5i Secure Browsing

Quick User Guide for COCKPIT5 Application Delivery

Quick User Guide for COCKPIT5i Secure Browsing

Chrome extenstion deployment guide