NOV 2014










We are proud to announce that we have officially released our latest version of both our products, Application Delivery and Secure Browsing. This is a major version release with new features, improvements, and adjustments to the latest technological movements. This version can significantly improve the IT infrastructure management and monitoring, as well as save costs.


 What is new in Application Delivery and Secure Browsing version 4.5.1?


  • Support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Full support for multiple monitors’ modes including dual view and ability to switch between monitors.
  • Printing module optimization.
  • And also adding advanced monitoring and control options into Administration Console:
  • Ability to define per Terminal Server on which monitor to open applications
  • In CUC mode, the ability to always display the Dashboard on the main monitor.
  • Client Log report has been upgraded.
  • Adding a “CUC enabled” indicator into Terminal Servers grid
  • New host comparison parameters were added into Comparison Screen.
  • The ability to copy Image content has been added.
  • And more…


Spatial for Application Delivery – Cockpit 4.5.1


Seamless Taskbar Grouping


You can find an additional information about how to configure the seamless taskbar grouping in the Administration Console – new advanced monitoring and control options document.


Spatial for Secure Browsing – Cockpit 4.5.1i

Cockpit 4.5.1i supports for Google Chrome browser including all features supported in Internet Explorer.


For download:

PDF version of Application Delivery Cockpit 4.5.1 release notes

PDF version of Cockpit 4.5.1i Secure Browsing release notes

Chrome extensions deployment guide

Administration Console – new advanced monitoring and control options